The Writing Zone (and a little sneak peek!)

Wow! I am exhausted. Today was my first day of school. My students are PRECIOUS! I love each and every one of them. They all seem SO little! I wanted to quickly share how set up my Writer’s Workshop in my classroom. This past summer I put together a massive Writer’s Workshop packet. I cannot wait to kick it into gear this school year! The Writer’s Workshop centers around two friendly writing helpers, Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It! Here’s how I set up my Writer’s Workshop display in my classroom: image image image image image In previous years, we have not spent *that* much time on polishing our writing skills. I am really looking forward to using these “tools” to help make our writing the best it can be! You can find all of the goodies you see above, plus LOTS more in my Writer’s Workshop Mega Pack. image

Click on the buttons below to go directly to the Writer’s Workshop pack at my shops.

Also, my sweet friend, Hadar (aka Miss Kindergarten), posted these adorable Self Check Bookmarks awhile ago at her shop. These will be PERFECT for my students to have handy when they are writing. LOVE! I’m so happy I grabbed these little gems. Thanks, Hadar!


(click on the image above to take you to her shop!) Before I go, here’s a little sneak peek at my space-themed classroom! I can’t wait to share a full class tour with you all. Be on the lookout! image image

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