Happy As A Clam (Simile Freebies!)

  My students always get a kick out of similes! I always hear them walking around saying similes to each other after they learn all about them. It cracks me UP! Tomorrow, similes will be making a little visit to our classroom. I pulled out this anchor chart to help us gain a better understanding of what similes are.


We’ll also be watching a BrainPop all about similes. We LOVE Annie and Moby in my class.


We’ll be reading some books all about similes. These will be a blast to read!

And, I found this book online for free, so we’ll definitely be reading/watching this one.  Woo hoo!

Click here to watch:


Last week, we created our Rainbow Namebow’s from my cute friend, Reagan’s unit. We are continuing with a rainbow theme this week. We’ll be using watercolors to paint the colors of the rainbow. Then, we’ll be writing our similes over top. I love artsy activities like this that are still meaningful. Below you can grab the watercolor page I’ll be using, along with the organizers.

image image

You can use this organizer for any simile activity. Just have your students fill in the blanks with their words and draw a picture.

image How do you teach similes in your classroom?

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