Bravo Behavior (FREEBIES!)

  I’ve found that the most effective way to keep things calm (yet still fun!) in my classroom is to constantly mix up my reward system! My expectations always stay the same, but how I reward positive behavior is constantly changing (maybe I get bored easily? I don’t know!). So, in order to keep things fresh and fun, we started using this motivating Bravo Behavior Board I made up in our classroom. It has been working like a CHARM! Click on the picture below to download it for free!


How to Use: -Laminate a Bravo Behavior Board (click here to download)
-Each time you witness an entire table showing “Bravo Behavior,” choose ONE “table captain”  to shade in/check a space on the board using a dry erase marker.

-If a table group shades in three boxes, they earn a prize. You could also have students try to fill all spaces (black out) before earning a prize. It’s up to you! Prior to giving each table group a board, I suggest making a little chart of what “Bravo Behavior” looks like and sounds like. I know that it’s the end of the year and that students already know your expectations, but doing this extra little step really helps hold them accountable. We all need a little extra reminder sometimes, right?  Our little extra reminder chart included: working cooperatively, remaining responsible for our own learning, allowing others to learn, creating a safe school, being respectful to peers and teachers, etc. In addition to whole class behavior incentives, I’ve also started implementing individual behavior boards for certain students who need something more than the table group incentive. I saw this SUPER CUTE superhero behavior chart on Pinterest and thought it was perfect for a couple of my little friends. This idea originally came from Pocket Full of Posies. This blogger uses it with her own children, but it also works wonderfully in the classroom. I’m using this board in lieu of a traditional behavior chart, but I’m sure you could use both if you wanted. When I presented this behavior board to one of my students, he was THRILLED to see his actual picture. So motivating! (FYI: This is a photo of my nephew – not a student in my class!)


This is what it looks like without a child’s face over top. Still super cute!

image I know some students aren’t thrilled with superheroes, so I used the same boards with different themes. I plan on using these in future years! Here’s a PAW-FECT puppy behavior board for the puppy lovers:

image Here’s one for the popcorn/movie lovers:

image Here’s one for the rock stars:

image And, I couldn’t forget the cat lovers!

image Click on the collage below to download everything above for free. Thanks again to  Pockets Full of Posies for the inspiration! image   What are you doing to keep things rolling in your classroom?

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