Black History Month!


I just updated another one of my FAVORITE products! It’s all about Black History Month! So far this month, we’ve read many different stories about diversity,equality and being friends despite our differences. There two are my favorite:


These two texts lead to some INCREDIBLE discussions! I actually had tears in my eyes listening to my students discuss such deep and meaningful topics. After reading “We Shall Overcome,” I played the actual song sung by Morehouse College. My kiddos LOVED it! This upcoming week we’ll be continuing our deep discussions and learning! I’ll be reading this mini-book I made to the class. This briefly walks students through the history of African Americans in the United States and explains WHY we celebrate Black History Month! It also touches on the lives of many African Americans.

imageimageimage After taking a brief walk through history, we’ll be learning more in-depth information with the help of these differentiated articles about the following African Americans: -Ruby Bridges
-Rosa Parks
-Garrett Morgan
-Frederick Douglass
-Harriet Tubman
-Jackie Robinson
-Jesse Owens
-George Washington Carver
-Bessie Coleman
-Louis Armstrong
The articles are broken down into four categories: U.S. History Makers, Amazing Athletes, Leaders of the Arts, and Incredible Inventors.



Here’s an example of how the texts are differentiated.

Slide62        Slide63

Comprehension questions about each article are provided as well!


In addition to the comprehension questions, I also made different organizers to accommodate to my students’ (and your students’) needs. This simple organizer is a great way for students to record what they’ve learned about each person.

image This little book has a page for each African American figure. Students could write a fact about each person and then draw a picture. image

You’ll also find large posters with real pictures of each African American inside the pack. While I LOVE the Melonheadz clip art, I also think it’s SUPER important to show what these people actually look like! I plan on displaying these around the classroom. As a quick assessment, I’m going to have my students write one fact they learned about each person on a Post-It Note to place around the poster.


’ As we learn about each figure, we’ll be completing some fun and simple crafts along the way. This trading card about Jackie Robinson will be a fave of my kiddos for sure!         image

image As well as this awesome “Golden Facts About Jesse Owens” gold medal craft! image image On this inside is where students write about his life! image I’ll also be hosting our third annual “Invention Convention” where students will be creating their own inventions in honor of George Washington Carver and Garrett Morgan. Students will write all about their “AH, HA!” inventions inside this light bulb craft! image During the month of February, I also LOVE to do many different lessons on friendship! We talk about how even though we are different, we can still be friends. One of my favorite activities is this Find a Friend activity. Students have to find friends that are DIFFERENT than them! image

   After completing our “Find a Friend” activity, I will buddy my students up with someone who they may not know as well in the class to complete this fun “Despite Our Differences” activity where students draw themselves and their partner, and then write about one they are the same and different.        image

This activity is similar to the one above, except students have to think about what makes them special and what makes their partner special!         I also LOVE these cute buddy crafts! These adorable crafts make a perfect display. Each student makes their own craft. Then, you glue their hands together to make a long friendship chain. image image

And, my favorite craft of all, is this cool Rosa Parks bus craft! Students color the front and back of the bus, and then attach a sheet to the middle where they can write all about Rosa Parks!

image image image

There is LOTS AND LOTS more included (150 pages worth of MORE to be exact!). Go download the LARGE Preview to get an even better idea of what is included.

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