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Hey guys! I’m on my way back from a trip to Ikea in Charlotte. I left there spending WAY LESS than I thought I would. #winning I wanted to share a fun fall packet that is the perfect way to celebrate the changes in the seasons. These activities are great for Daily 5 and Math Tubs, but could also be used for centers (math and reading) or as early finisher activities! I kept the needs of a first grader in October in mind while creating these resources. I wanted these activities to encourage independence, be meaningful, AND still be a whole lot of fun!  The following activities are WONDERFUL for Work on Writing! These adorable picture cards are great for students to use as inspiration for writing stories. For this activity, students can pick a character card and write a story about that character.

image These cute journals have always been a huge hit in my class! Just print different options and let students choose which pages they want to complete. Then, staple it altogether to create a fun “fall journal.”

fall journal

These words for writing always come in handy! I suggest keeping this in an easy to access area. You could even hang it up nearby where students will be writing. Then, they can easily refer to it. This especially helps those perfectionists who MUST know the correct spellings. Instead of having to ask you or a neighbor, they can just look at the chart!

image This is a little five senses book. I tried to make these AS EASY AS POSSIBLE to print! Just print, cut, and staple! image Now, we’re off to do some Word Work! Last year I discovered the best way for me to store my Word Work materials was using these large envelopes. I’d tape the directions to one side of the envelope, the sorting mat to the other side, and then put all of the materials inside the envelope. Then, I’d place that inside a bin. Students would grab the bin, find a comfy spot in the classroom to work, and begin working.


fall 1234

fall 123

I also included some fall math activities! For this activity, students roll two dice, add them together, and then find the total number on the apple and color it. This could be played with a partner, as well.


For this activity, students have to look closely at the number sentence, use manipulatives to solve, and then sort by whether it’s true or false

fall pic1
For this activity, you scatter the apple cards around the classroom, place manipulatives at each location (I found these cute acorns at Big Lots for just a couple bucks), and then have students go on an apple hunt to solve the problems! image I also added some autumn word problems. I always have my students read the problem, visualize the problem, draw the problem, and then solve it. I found the leaf counters at Big Lots, as well. Students can use manipulatives before drawing! image And, finally, I’ve included the templates for these cute leaves and squirrels. We made these leaves last year after reading “Leaf Man.” Students wrote about what they would do if they were a leaf. So fun! image

image Grab everything above, plus lots more, in the packet you see below! ON SALE! Click on the cover to grab it. Slide1

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