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Teaching nonfiction has always been a favorite of mine! I’ve created a massive nonfiction bundle covering 31 nonfiction topics filled with real-life photographs and fascinating facts that will “hook” even the most reluctant learners. Now through November 1st, you can snatch up the bundle at its lowest price ever!
>for the year
The format and layout of each packet is the same. I’ve found students are much more successful when they are familiar with the activities. It also encourages students be independent because they don’t have to constantly ask, “How do I do this?”
Every nonfiction packet in this bundle includes:
– Posters to hang in your classroom and to use while introducing the topic (real life photographs are included, along with important vocabulary).
– All About _____ article pages. These article pages were designed as a way for you to “hook” your students at the beginning of your unit. You can display the article pages on your document camera as a whole group or print and display during small group instruction.
– Differentiated All About ____ Mini-Books – These are differentiated mini-books that can be used during small group instruction.There are three versions. Each version is slightly easier than the last. I wanted to give you options because I know that many of our students come in reading at different ability levels. It is up to you to pick and choose which articles you use with your groups. You can either print in color and laminate or print them in grayscale. Text-Dependent Response sheets follow!
– Close Reading Passages: These articles are PERFECT to use at the beginning of the year to help you and your students get into the groove of closely reading a text that requires multiple reads and answering text-dependent questions.These can either be done together in small group OR with guided support. Questions about each close reading passage are included.
– Graphic organizers, vocabulary books, and independent practice sheets to be used however you wish! There are many different options to help meet the needs of your diverse group.
– True/False Activity: After learning facts about the topic, students will sort the sentences according to whether they are true or false. I’ve also provided a cut/paste sheet too that requires students to read simple sentences and glue them in the correct column.
Here’s a closer look at the November packets:

Turkey Packet

thanksgiving packet


Here’s what others have said about the bundle:

“I have purchased each non fiction packet you’ve loaded this year. They’re engaging and consistent. The kids can focus on the content rather than the expectation of how to complete the activity. I had a parent ask what I’ve done to increase her child’s reading. Honestly, the differentiated passages in small groups. Great job! I absolutely love your non-fiction sets! I teach ESOL and my students love the pictures and true/false game! We use it as a review before our end of unit test that I create. I already have your bat and turkey units and I am so glad to be able to get all of the future bundles, too! I love the differentiated texts, too! They are great in my small groups because my more proficient students can read the hardest text independently while I work one on one with other students who are entering or have limited language proficiency. Thanks for offering this set! I’m excited to see all of the great things you will include! 🙂 I was so excited to see this HUGE bundle! Now I have quality resources for the entire year! My kids especially love the real life pictures and mini books. My favorite part of your bundles are the differentiated booklets. Knowing that I have readable informational text for my kids in any grade I may teach in the future puts me at ease.”

“This bundle is a steal at this price and I could NOT pass it up. Can’t wait to see the future units you add to this product. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving 🙂
Thank you so much for putting together this bundle of non fiction reading! I bought the Pumpkin Unit this fall and my students learned so much information about pumpkins. We play a game called ‘stump the parents’ and your unit sure gave my kiddos lots of information to test their parents’ knowledge on pumpkins. I’m getting ready to teach the Caribou Unit and know they will love learning with your unit! I can’t wait to teach all of the units you made in this bundle. Each unit is packed full of facts and the photographs are so beautiful and what rich color! My kids really love to find the meaning, picture, and word match.Thank you again and keep creating!”

Click on any of the images below to  to snatch it up at its lowest price ever. The deal ends on Sunday, November 1st!
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