The Primary Teacher’s Plan Book (Editable!)


I’m ecstatic to share my latest project with you: The Primary Teacher’s Plan Book! I wanted to create a plan book that was made specifically for YOU – a primary teacher! In the past, I’ve used scraps of paper or the back of students’ work to draw up new seating charts or to write down ideas for centers in my classroom. Of course, within five minutes, those scraps of paper were lost and forgotten. Well…NO MORE, I say! Now, there’s a sheet for EVERYTHING and it’s all bundled up into one nice, little package (or binder, in this case!). The Primary Teacher’s Plan Book includes all of the regular organization stuff that you’ll need, like student info sheets and substitute forms. But, it also includes many additional sheets to help you get through the teacher trenches, like sheets for centers/stations, small group instruction time, buddy pair-ups, seating charts, and group projects. Also, there’s a bonus: many of the sheets are editable, which means you don’t have to kill your hand trying to write each student’s name fifty times. Plus, the only colored pages are the cover and spine! That means more ink for everything else. YES! I took a BUNCH of photos to give you a great idea of what kinds of sheets you’ll find in the plan book. At the bottom, I listed EVERY single sheet included. If you scroll through it all and you don’t see that sheet you really, really need to help you get through the school year, e-mail me and I’ll add it to the download for you! You can snag the plan book by clicking on any image below! First up, how cool are these watercolor speech bubble dividers? I love these! I bought clear plastic sleeves with tabs to hold the sheets. They are simple yet FUN! There are many more included in the download.



image                                                                                                            image

These assessment data and record sheets are perfect for keeping track of any grades you give your students. If you don’t give grades, you could assign a letter, like “N” for Needs Development, “P” for Progressing, and “C” for Consistently Demonstrating and jot down them in the book. My old teammate used to use a 1, 2, 3 system. However you record it, there’s a sheet to help get it done!



These calendar sheets are nice to have to write down the big tasks or events happening each month.




These Next Year Notes are super handy! Jot down anything you KNOW you will need to order, prep, or create for next year. In the past, my order lists for the following year have always been SO SHORT because by June my brain is FRIED. It’s nearly impossible to remember every activity you did months ago and the materials or books you needed for it. This sheet does the thinking for you.


More lists…but these are for day-to-day happenings!


Are you required to keep track of the professional developments you attend? These sheets will help you when it comes time to show artifacts in your evidence binder. Just jot down the date, focus of the professional development, any necessary notes, and your next steps!


This sheet is similar to the one above, except it’s for regular faculty meetings.

image These homogeneous and heterogeneous group sheets  are helpful for small group time, group projects, or centers/stations. I like this because it documents which children have and have not worked together. It’s a great reflection tool too. It allows you to think about if a group of students did well working together or not!


This is similar to the sheet above, except it’s for buddy pair-ups! Just jot down partner names (sometimes I pick; sometimes I let the kids pick) and keep track of which students have/have not worked together. image  These Small Group Info sheets are great for keeping you on track! image                                                                      image image These anecdotal note sheets are awesome for small group instruction time, independent time, and center/station time. image image These center/station sheets are fabulous! Write down the center/station name, the standard it aligns to, the purpose, and the materials needed. At the end of the school year, be sure to store it away for next year! image image These book, website, and video info sheets are amazing! I’ve used these a TON in the past and they’ve helped me so much. If you found a perfect book, video, or website that you used to introduce a new topic or skill, WRITE IT DOWN on these sheets! Trust me! The same topic or skill will come around again next year and you’ll be thanking yourself. image image Use the Parent Connection, Conference Notes, and Behavior Log sheets to document all of the communication you’ve made with your students’ parents/guardians. image image image Once upon a time, there was a teacher name Ms. Kuster who LOST all of her field trip permission slip forms! Thankfully, I’m well aware of my stuffing tendencies and found them at the bottom of my desk drawer. Are you a stuffer too? Anyway, I like this form because it goes directly into the binder and stays there! You could even put the permission slips in a Ziplock, hole punch the Ziplock, and put it behind this field trip form. Then, you shall be named The World’s Most Organized Teacher! image I’ve attended so many IEP meetings and WISHED I had a form like this handy! Usually I write up a page long report and end up tongue tied.                                                                                                                                          image

Of course, no teacher plan book would be complete without weekly lesson plans! I tried to give you a good amount of writing space. I also left room at the top for you to write or type in your subjects!


The following forms are great for you to have on hand in case you ever have a substitute. image image                                                                                           image image

                                                                                         image image image Like I mentioned before, if you have any requests, e-mail me! You can grab the binder on SALE right now! image Here is all that is included:
Binder Cover and Spine Sheets
Watercolor Bubble Dividers:
School Info
Class Info
Student Info
Substitute Stuff
Curriculum 2015-16
IEP Info
504 Plans
Small Group Data
Common Core
Meeting Notes
Conference Info
Student Data Scores
Daily Five
Guided Reading
Guided Math
Social Studies
Record Sheets (for you to keep track of grades):
Social Studies
Assessment Data
Quarters 1, 2, 3, and 4
Calendar Sheets for all 12 months
Additional Sheets:
Important Dates to Remember (I provided you two copies: one with important dates already in there, such as Veterans Day and one without any dates so you can add your own)
Monthly Dates to Remember
Monthly Overview
Next Year Notes
Meeting Notes
Day-to-Day List
Peek at my Week (just a simple sheet for you to write down the big things happening in your week)
Professional Development Tracker
Notes to Self
Ongoing Lists
Homogeneous Groups
Heterogeneous Groups
Small Group Instruction (two versions)
Buddy Up/Pick a Partner (I like to jot down the names of the pairs working together to keep for future activities)
Math Notes
Guided Math
Reading Notes
Station Plans
Center Plans
Book Info (name of book and purpose – perfect for future use)
Video Info (same as book info sheet)
Website Info (same as book info sheet)
Parent/Guardian Connection
Conference Notes
Field Trip Info
Behavior Log
IEP Snapshot
Outside of the Classroom (jot down what children leave the classroom and why)
Classroom Happenings (to make, to laminate, to file, to buy)
Student Seating (blank sheet for you to sketch classroom set-up)
Substitute Notes
Student IDs
Parent Contact Info
Birthday Info
How My Students Get Home
Teacher Info
Student Info
Important School Contact Info
My Weekly Lesson Plans (a template for you to jot down your lesson plans for each subject)
Techie Talk (Website Name, Username, Password)
Class Schedule
Allergy Info
Safety Steps (Firedrill, Lockdown, Weather, etc.)
Student Roster
Helpful Info (Struggling Students, May Need Reminders, Helpful Students)
Contact Cheat Sheet (a quick way to locate all parent contact info)
Yearbook Info Many of the pages in this plan book are editable. I did not make some sheets editable because they are sheets you will be using as you are teaching (example: anecdotal notes sheet). If have a reasonable request for me to edit/change/add sheets, I can certainly do that! Please e-mail me at [email protected] and be sure to indicate what changes you would like.

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