How I Can Help You Thrive This School Year (Free Download!)

We all know (very well!) what it means to teach:  we enlighten our kiddo’s lives every chance we get! But what exactly does it mean to thriveThriving is living a much richer life than that survival mode that may have hit us teachers by now.  

So, how can we better thrive this school year?

Working in the teacher trenches is HARD. The piles keep stacking up. Teacher expectations are at an all-time high. Teaching is like running on an endless wheel of demands that never, ever stops. So I began to ask myself: how can I better help teachers thrive this school year? I wanted to create something in-depth that provided teachers with a built-in support system to help them feel less stressed, more prepared, and HAPPIER! 

And that’s how the LK Teacher Club – an online membership and built-in support system for teachers – was born!

So, what is the LK Teacher Club?

The LK Teacher Club is a monthly membership site for primary teachers. The goal of the membership is to help reignite your passion for teaching, take back your weekends, and leave stress and overwhelm at the door.

The membership gives you access to:

  • interactive whole group close reads for the entire month
  • primary appropriate resources (for different content areas – think BUNDLE size materials) – this includes: guided reading books, math station activities, Word Work activities, and more
  • teacher tools (to help you with the backend of teaching)
  • a supportive Facebook group where you can collaborate with other teachers who really get you!
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS materials!

What makes this membership EXTRA special is I have a request form where you can ask for a specific request and I will work on adding it to future months!

My number one goal is to help YOU have less stress and MORE time to enjoy life outside of teaching.

So, what’s already waiting for you inside?

I’m the kind of gal that needs to see everything up close! What about you?

That’s why I want to show you EXACTLY what is already waiting for you inside the Members’ Area. Meaning, you can download these materials in SECONDS after joining!

Part 1: Unlimited Access to The Book Nook

This is one of my favorite components of the LK Teacher Club membership! Each month I will be adding whole group interactive close reading materials for FOUR read-alouds.

The books that already include materials in the Members’ Area are:

  • Sheila Rae, the Brave
  • A Bad Case of Stripes
  • Piggie Pie (FREE sample in this post to test it out)
  • Those Shoes

Here’s what the materials look like (like I mentioned above, you can download the materials for Piggie Pie for free):

It’s important to not only provide you with the WHAT, but to also make sure I thoroughly explain the HOW and WHY. In this explanation booklet, I tell you how to thoroughly teach a whole group close reading lesson.

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Every month I’ll add resources just like this for four stories. You can print these questions on Post-It notes and place them inside the book, so you’ll be ALL SET. No more thinking of questions on your feet! The stop points are right there for you.

If you’d rather not print them on Post-It notes, I have a Read & Discuss sheet available too! This includes the theme, genre, CCSS, and literacy skill.

Additionally, you’ll find a vocabulary book and vocabulary cards (word, picture, meaning). I suggest you also teach students an action for the words and have them act them out as you’re explicitly teaching them.

I also provide Second Reading sheets to use after you’ve read the story one time for enjoyment/to get their feet wet. These Second Reading sheets ask students to go back to the text to find evidence from the story. You can complete these sheets together as a group or ask students to complete them independently.

Something else included are these Finding Proof and Write About the Story sheets. These are perfect to have at your literacy and writing stations/centers in your classroom (with the book nearby so students can refer back to it). Students can pull a card and respond. You can even laminate the sheet if you wish, so students can write and erase!

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Part 2: In-depth First Grade Appropriate Resources

The next component of the monthly membership is primary-aged appropriate in-depth resources.

These resources will cover different content areas, including:

  • Word Work stations
  • Phonics activities
  • Comprehension activities
  • Close Reads
  • Guided Reading books and materials
  • Math stations
  • Math talk activities
  • STEM activities
  • Character education activities
  • and much more!

Interactive Sight Word Activities

This month’s resource is all about sight word recognition! I’ve created 12+ brand new interactive sight word resources (and will be adding editable options too, so you can add your own sight word cards).

I’m breaking down the activities in the sight word interactive bundle for you below:

Roll, Record, and Write

Students roll the die, count the dots, and write the word in the matching column.

Sight Word Magazine Detective

Students look through magazines hunting for the sight word. They cut out the sight word and glue it inside the letters.

Sight Word Board Games

Students spin the spinner, move that many spaces, read the word in the circle, and use it in a sentence. For additional practice, they can even write the word in a sentence using a white board and dry erase marker.

Dip It, Dot It

Students can dip and dot the letters to form the sight word.

See It, String It, Build It, Write

Students will read the sight word, string it, build it, and write it on the card.

Build, Count, Find, Write

Students will choose a sight word card. Then, they will build the sight word in the space, count the syllables, find the letters to make the sight word in the sight word tree, and will then use the sight word in a sentence.

Type It, Doodle It, Write It

Students will type the sight word on the mat, doodle the sight word, and write a sentence using the sight word.

Build Words with Snap Cubes

This is such a fun one! Students take a snap cube card and use it as a model for building the sight word.

Build Words with Buttons

Students will build the sight word with buttons.

Build Words with Play Dough

Students will build words with play dough.

Read, Trace, and Write a Sentence

Students read the word, trace the word, and write a sentence using the word.

Sight Word Swat It!

The teacher calls out a sight word. Students listen for the word, look for it on the flies, and swat the fly that matches the word the teacher called out. The student who collects the most flies in the end wins the game.

Write the Room

These are themed Write the Room cards. The teacher scatters words around the room. Students become sight word detectives as they locate the words. Students write the words in the boxes. Afterward, they choose 3 words and write a sentence for each on the back of the sheet.

Sight Word Strips

Students will practice reading and re-reading the simple sentence. They can tap out the sentence.  A picture clue is provided as additional support.

Pencil It In!

Students grab an empty pencil cup and then find the pencil letters to build the word. Afterward, they can write the words on a dry erase board and use them in a sentence.

Part 3: Teacher Tools (for the backend of teaching)

Something I hear teachers constantly requesting is teacher tools to help with the backend of teaching. They ask for materials like parent-teacher conference forms, report card comment suggestions, take home note sheets, behavior tracking sheets, parent-teacher communication logs, back to school forms, data sheets, etc.

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Because I know how frustrating it can be to have to type up or search for a note/sheet when time is scarce, it was important for me to include these types of resources in the Members’ Area.

The first month’s resource is a fabulous one! These are take home reminder notes that will carry you through the year. They include reminders for picture day, field trips, parent-teacher conference dates, special events, and much, much more.

Part 4: Community Space for Teachers

To really provide a built-in support system for teachers, I knew I needed to create a community space where we can ALL come together to collaborate, connect, laugh, cry, and grow in a judgment-free zone. This space will focus on self-care strategies, best practices, and a whole lot of #realtalk and silliness.

Exclusive Bonuses:

Shhhhhhh! You’ll also be granted access to exclusive members’ only bonuses. The bonus materials are jam-packed with goodness!

Here are just two of the bonuses that are coming to the Member’s Area soon. Yep, that’s right. I offer GOBS of valuable resources to my members each month!

Comprehension Posters

I made these posters to be compatible with ones that are already in my TpT Shop (so the members of Teach & Thrive can easily add these to their collection). However, the strategy/topic/what is covered on each poster is completely NEW and never before seen.

Fast Fact Fluency Quick Checks

Another upcoming bonus is this fast fact fluency quick checks resource. You can print these on half sheets of paper and have students go to town practicing their fast facts.

Want to try the resources for free?

For all of my sample lovin’ Costco people, I’m giving you a huge FREE sample of the materials so you can see the materials up close before purchasing. Click on the button below to snag them and then immediately go check your email.

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Have a question? Please email me at I am happy to answer ANY question you have!

Love this resource and wish you had access to more like it? Want instant access to a library of resources (for ALL content areas) catered specifically to you and your students’ needs? If you’re nodding yes, then be sure to join the LK Teacher Club!

When you join the LK Teacher Club, you gain instant access to the resource I share all about in this blog post, plus every other resource I’ve ever created ($2000 value).

Not only that, but you’ll also have immediate access to more than 100 exclusive resources that aren’t found anywhere else!

Get ready to tackle teaching with confidence and ease! Click here to find out more about the LK Teacher Club.

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  • Kelly October 15, 2018, 12:55 pm

    interesting items

  • Cecile Henderson October 16, 2018, 1:18 am

    I love your materials so much, and grab every freebie I can. But, I run a small tutoring business, and right now we have only one first grader and one second grader, then jump to fifth, middle school, and then high school. So, I obviously can’t afford your month service at this time to only use with two students. Also, I have taught for 50 years and am now currently retired, so I will keep reading your blogs, and grabbing your freebies because I love your materials. Have a wonderful school year and thanks for all of your wonderful resources.

  • Tammie Wood October 16, 2018, 1:31 pm

    I want to join when you get your kindergarten material up and going.

  • Priya January 20, 2020, 9:09 pm

    It’s really interesting!! I will think to join this.