Write & Read phonics books

An Easy-to-Use, No-Fuss Phonics Tool (Free Download)

There is nothing more satisfying as a teacher than having the necessary materials and tools to help your students, right at your fingertips. Don’t you agree? That’s why I’m constantly brainstorming new ideas, resources, and tools to help you have more ease in the classroom. Today I’m sharing an easy-to-use, no-fuss phonics tool!

Write & Read phonics books

Many of you have reached out to me over the past few months asking for additional phonics resources—specifically resources that are easy to use and implement.

So, I created just that! Introducing…Write & Read Phonics Books. These books are a high-reward, low-prep phonics tool. I’m breaking them all down for you below.

Write the missing sound-spelling and read the word

What are Write & Read Phonics Books?

Write & Read Phonics books are a simple and effective phonics tool that students can use to practice every phonics sound-spelling. These little books can be used in a multitude of ways, including:

  • RTI/Intervention tool
  • put in book boxes
  • put in desk caddies as an early finisher practice activity
  • one-on-one practice
  • put-in word work area
  • independent practice tool

How Do You Use This Phonics Resource?

To use them, students will write the missing sound-spelling pattern in the blank space and will then read the word. After they’ve read all of the words with that sound-spelling, they will color in a star (3 stars in all).

These are fabulous tools to help students master each phonics pattern. They will also help students build fluency and confidence.

Different hands-on activities to master the sound-spelling

To give you a bit of flexibility and versatility, I provide two different cover options. I’m explaining the two covers in detail below.

Option 1 – A Book for Every Sound-Spelling

One phonics book for every sound-spelling

One book for every sound-spelling

This option allows you to print each book separately (with a separate cover page for each sound-spelling). This is the option you want to use if you want multiple students to use the books over and over.

Examples of how to use: Word Work area, RTI/intervention tool, early finisher activity, or to use with a paraeducator/volunteer. You’ll want to laminate these books so students can use them over and over again (using a dry erase marker).

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Option 2 – One Book for All Sound-Spellings

If you want every student to have his/her own Write & Read book, I provide an alternative cover for just that.

This option is great if you want students to “build” their own books as they learn a new sound-spelling. The books would continue to “grow” as new pages are added. If you choose this option, I suggest using the black-and-white version and not laminating. Easy-peasy and effective!

All sound-spelling for each student

One book for each student with all sound-spellings

Ideas for Using the Write & Read Books

Like I mentioned above, there are so many different options for using these phonics tools. These books are ideal for those mornings when you want to pull a student or two back to your small group for a few minutes. They are also a perfect tool to have on hand for para-educators/volunteers or to use at Word Work.

Phonics books for word work activitiesTwo of my other favorite ways to use these are: place them in student book boxes and in desk caddies. I’m further explaining those two ideas below.

Place In Student Book Boxes

One fabulous idea is to have students place their Write & Read books inside their book boxes. They can practice reading the words over and over to help reach mastery.

Confused about what a book box is? If you use the Daily 5 in your classroom, you’re probably already using book boxes and know what they are. If not, you’ll want to join in on the magic because they will change the game in your classroom.

Here’s how they work: during Daily 5, students pull their boxes (magazine holders work wonderfully) and read their “just right” books (high-interest, not too hard or too easy books) during Read-to-Self or Read-to-Someone time. If you don’t do Daily 5, you can still use book boxes in your classroom. They are great for quiet reading time or at the end of the day before buses dismiss.

Note: I want to make sure I mention that I believe that absolutely nothing can (or should) replace real, authentic texts, so I don’t suggest you use the Write & Read books in place of real books. However, I do think they’re a great phonics tool to use alongside books (as a practice or reference tool).

One phonics book per student
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Place Them in Desk Caddies

Another idea is to place these in each desk caddy (one for every student). I know typically we use desk caddies to store student supplies, but I love the idea of using half of the desk caddy for supplies and the other side for books and extras (early finisher, academic-based activities). I originally saw this idea from Kristin (she put my Flip & Solve books in her student desk caddies), and I thought it was absolutely genius. Thank you, Kristin!

Include the phonics books into desk caddies

Students can practice writing and reading each sound-spelling in their Write & Read books after they finish their work (perfect to use if you aren’t ready to move onto the next activity).

Making Them Hands-On and Multi-Sensory

I wholeheartedly believe and know that hands-on and multi-sensory learning is where the magic lives. Not only does my gut tell me so, but research has also proven it over and over again.

You can easily turn the Write & Read Phonics books into a multi-sensory, hands-on activity with the help of some manipulatives.

Option for hands-on and sensory activities

Here are our favorite manipulatives to use

  • playdough
  • yarn
  • small wooden sticks
  • acorns
  • dry beans
  • magnetic tile letters
  • small pom-poms
  • beads
  • little cork pieces
  • small rocks or stones
  • watercolor paints and paper
  • dry erase markers and whiteboards
  • sprinkles, sand, and rice (to write words in with a paintbrush or finger)
  • paint bag (a small amount of paint with a drop of water in a Ziploc)

Different ways to introduce hands-on activities

How to Prep the Phonics Books

Write & Read Phonics books are incredibly easy to prep. To use them, just simply print, cut, laminate (if you wish), and place on rings (or bind, if you want).

Easy-to-prep phonics books

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The graphics on the work pages come in color and black-and-white. This gives you flexibility in how you use this resource. If you want students to practice writing and reading the words over and over, you will need to laminate the sheets. Students can use a dry-erase marker and eraser each time.

Black-and-white and color books

What sound-spellings are included?

The following sound-spellings are included:

  • short vowels
  • long vowels
  • blends
  • digraphs
  • R-controlled vowels
  • vowel teams
  • diphthongs
  • trigraphs
  • hard and soft G and C

Where can I find all of the resources to implement these ideas in my classroom?

Wonderful question! To help you save time and have more ease in your classroom, I’ve done all of the work for you.

You can get all of the Write & Read Phonics books in this packet for just $7.  This packet includes color and black-and-white images. 

Write & Read phonics books resource

Get the complete set of Write & Read Phonics books today for just $7. Click here.

Want to try some of the books for free?

If you’re eager to try these Write & Read Phonics books in your classroom but you want to see some of the activities up close first, I’ve got a fabulous freebie for you. Click on the link below to get a few of the books for free (all of the blend books are included). This freebie includes the color and black-and-white book.

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I have other blogs that can give you more tips and hacks to make every phonics activity fun and interactive. Read the following blogs below and snag their freebies!

Have any questions? Please leave me a message or comment below. Thank you!

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