End of the Year Memory Books

  I was looking at my calendar and realized that Wednesday is May 1st.  MAY 1st, people!!! Unlike many of my summer-break-begins-in-May friends (SO JEALOUS!), our summer break starts sometime in June on a day that has yet to be decided. Ha! I guess it’s over when it’s over. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be completing our First Grade Memory Books and soon first grade will be a thing of the past for these toothless babies. Wah! I don’t want them to grow up. Last year, the entire first grade made these little books and they turned out so cute. I’ve made some updates to the packet this year, including a new cover, clip art, and layout changes. Here are some of the pages from the memory book. There are LOTS more pages included! image image image image image image
image image This download includes:
First Grade Celebration Book Cover Page 5
Draw a Picture of Yourself Page 6
First Grade Stats Page 7
My School Rocks Page 8
My First Grade Teacher Page 9
My First Grade Favorites Page 10
Interview a Friend Page 11
Friends in 1st Page 12
Fantastic Field Trip Page 13
Yay for Play Page 14
A Look Inside My Favorite Book Page 15
Munch and Crunch Page 16
I’m a Caring Kid Page 17
Be Responsible! Page 18
A “First” in First Grade Page 19
A Goal I Still Have for Myself Page 20
My Favorite Subject Page 21
My Favorite Special Page 22
A Note to the Future Me Page 23
A Note from the Teacher (Post Card) Page 24
A Look Into the Future Page 29
That was Funny! Page 30
Autographs (Last Page of Book) Page 31
End of the Year Craftivity Page 32-44


I’ve also updated the Kindergarten Memory Book version and the Second Grade Memory Book version. You can find both of them at my TPT shop. Click on the covers below.

Slide1 Slide1 I’m off to make tacos. Yum! Goodnight, my sweet friends!

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