Lights, Camera, ACTION (Meet The Verbs!)

  It’s time to roll out the red carpet because The Verbs have arrived! Who are The Verbs, you ask? Only the coolest and most famous celebrities in all of Hollywood. They can DO it all!


Explain that actors and actresses can do anything when they are performing. Use these anchor charts to help introduce verbs to your students. image Introduce your students to The Verbs with these stories. You could read
these stories aloud to your students or they could read them independently or with a
partner. image Have your students spot the verbs as they are reading the mini-stories about Vicky Verb and
Vince Verb. image The following activities are perfect for centers. Place the direction
sheet at each center and your students will be all set! Don’t do centers in your classroom? These can also act as independent work activities! image image image

Prior to sending your students out on their hunt to find stars in action (also known as: searching for verbs in the classroom), provide them with this fun (and simple) camera. Just print the camera on cardstock and cut a hole in the center. They will love“taking pictures” of all of the “stars in action” they see.

image image These are great extension activities that could be completed at any time after you’ve taught
your students all about verbs. Some of these activities would also be suitable for morning work
and/or homework. image image image image image image image

In this packet, you will find:
– action verb anchor charts
– Vicky and Vince Verb mini-stories
– Act It Out (each student takes a turn acting out a verb and the rest of the group has to guess the word)
-Read the Script (students receive a script and have to act out their part)
-Stars in Action (students walk around the classroom and write down verbs they see all around them)
-Verb Snapshot (students pull a verb picture card out of a bag and write a sentence using that verb)
– The Walk of Fame (verb hunt activity)
– Action Bingo (students have to act out the verb before they place a chip on their bingo board)
– Time to Shine (students write their own action movie using verbs)
– Four Assessment sheets You can grab this packet at my TpT shop.

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