Open Your Eyes and Visualize!

Wow! This past week was FULL of excitement for me. The wonderful Becca over at Jumping Jax Designs installed my blog last Monday. I absolutely LOVE it! She was such a pleasure working with, and I couldn’t be happier! THANK YOU! Right now we are focusing on one of my FAVORITE reading strategies….VISUALIZING! Visualizing is a blast for students AND the teacher. It’s always fun hearing what they are picturing in their minds, and seeing their illustrations. Here’s a little anchor chart I created as a way to introduce the definition of visualizing: image You can find my Common Core aligned unit on Visualizing at my TPT store below: image A large focus of the unit is on using your five senses to visualize. In the pack, you’ll find many great graphic organizers that can be used for any different age groups. Some of the activities are specific to certain texts, including:

and my FAVORITE (if you have not read this book…YOU MUST!)…

Enjoy your Sunday! Have a wonderful eek.

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