Phonics mini books for word work

Revamp Your Word Work: Part 2 (Free Download)

Welcome back to our Revamp Your Word Work series where I’m sharing new, fresh Word Work ideas.

In the Part 1 blog post I answered the frequently asked question: “How often do you recommend teachers rotate out Word Work activities?” As I mentioned in that post, I strongly believe every classroom and group of students is different, so it’s really about learning your students and giving them what they need.

Sticking with a system and routine is essential for student success. But, it’s also equally important to make learning engaging and fun for you (we need to feed our creative minds) and our students. In Part 1, I shared all about a new phonics tool that thousands of teachers and students are loving: Write & Wipe Phonics cards (you can grab free ones here). If you missed that post, head on over and read that post before or after you read this one.

Phonics mini books for word work

A new Word Work tool

Today’s post is all about another engaging Word Work tool that I’m certain will breathe some new fresh air into your classroom: foldable phonics mini-books.

Phonics mini-books are a simple and effective way to practice phonics sound-spellings while also building fluency and confidence. These are a wonderful tool to have on hand after you’ve introduced your students to the focus sound-spelling patterns.

The mini-books give students ample time to practice reading words in isolation and in context.

Phonics mini books for word work

How do they work?

These mini-books are no-prep (woo hoo for you!) but highly engaging (woo hoo for your students!). Each page asks the students to interact with the sound-spelling in a different way. I made these to be a super flexible Word Work tool.

No prep phonics mini books

All students can work on the same book at the same time (they are perfect for independent practice) or you can assign specific patterns to specific students. It’s entirely up to you.

Similar to the Fold & Focus Sight Word Mini-Books, students can use these in a multitude of ways in the classroom.

Ways to use the books, include:

  • Word Work station/centers
  • small group instruction
  • place in book boxes to read and re-read
  • independent practice
  • informal assessment tool
  • take home and read

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Phonics mini books for word work

One option that I love is to have students place the books in their desk caddies or book boxes/baskets. Students can practice reading their books throughout the week.

Shown below: These are the sight word mini-books (you can read all about those here). The concept is the same for the phonics mini-books though.

How to add the phonics mini books to your word work stations Organizing your phonics mini books

How to set up the mini-books:

Like I mentioned above, these are easy-peasy to set up. When you print them out, they will look like this (one side looks upside down).

No prep phonics mini books

Just fold along the horizontal line and then along the vertical line. Voila! Your prep work is complete!

Fold to set up phonics mini books

Below I’m going to break down each section of the mini-books. The smaller space makes the task at hand less overwhelming (too much on one page can make some students shut down).
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Breaking down the mini-books:

Phonics mini books for word work

Activity 1: I Can Find Real Words

For this activity, students look at the focus sound-spelling. Then, they have to read each word and determine if it is a real word or a nonsense word. Students only color in the real words.

Find and color real words

Students can use hands-on tools to build each word for additional practice. Some of our favorite hands-on tools are:

Interactive Hands-On Tools:

  • playdough
  • yarn
  • small wooden sticks
  • crayons
  • acorns
  • dry beans
  • magnetic tile letters
  • small pom-poms
  • beads
  • little cork pieces
  • small rocks or stones
  • watercolor paints and paper
  • dry erase markers and whiteboards
  • sprinkles, sand, and rice (to write words in with a paintbrush or finger)
  • paint bag (a small amount of paint with a drop of water in a Ziploc)

Activity 2: I Can Read!

For this activity, students will read a short story and highlight all of the words with the focus sound-spelling. They will color in a star after each reading.

Read a short story
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Activity 3: I Can Rainbow Write!

For this page, students write the given word. Then, they trace over it using different colors to “rainbow write” the word.

Rainbow write sound spelling words

Rainbow write sound spelling words

Activity 4: I Can Write a Sentence!

For this page, students look at the given words in the box. They write a sentence using some of the given words.

Write a sentence using the sound spelling

Want to try the books in your classroom?

If these phonics mini-books sound like something you might be interested in (hello no-prep, ease-of-use, and high engagement!), then you’re in luck! I’ve done all of the work for you.

What’s even better? I also include an editable version too! This means you can easily add your own words to the list. Oh yeah!

You can get all 100+ mini-books from the Fold & Focus Phonics Mini-Book Bundle for just $12.

Just print and fold! That’s it!

This bundle includes a book for every single sound-spelling. Click here to grab it.

Want to try the mini-books for free? You’ve got it!

Click on the banner below and sign up to grab 12 free phonics mini-books.

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