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  This week we’ve been conducting surveys, surveys, and MORE SURVEYS! You’d think my kids would be surveyed OUT, but they are completely obsessed. So obsessed, in fact, that after a survey-filled math lesson today, they still wanted to survey each other during indoor recess. My favorite survey question, you ask? “Do you kiss your mommy before or after you read a goodnight story?” SERIOUSLY? Are these kids for real? I MELT! Funny enough, I remember conducting surveys as a kid and loving it too. I was a HORRIBLE math student (math and I were not friends as a kid!), but I LOVED surveys. It made sense to me! I could relate to it. I could use the information. And, I *think* that’s why my kids love it too. Last week we spent a good chunk of time analyzing (BIG WORD!) our survey data. I made up all kinds of silly surveys and we had to gather information from each one. This week, it was time to take it a step further and MAKE OUR OWN! You would have thought I was passing out king-sized candy bars. My kids were squealing!!! First, we had to brainstorm some survey topics. They were REALLY good at this, considering they had analyzed about a billion surveys the week before!


Then, they had to identify their audience. In this case, they were asking each other, which they LOVED. I had them select 10 classmates so they weren’t completely overwhelmed. Lastly, they had to decide how they were going to record their data. Most of my students used tally marks. I made this little poster to help guide my students. It definitely helped keep them on track!


You can grab a few printable posters below, along with some other fun survey resources. I hope these help you when you’re teaching your students all about surveys! Click here to download.

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(Clipart by KPM DOODLES) How do you teach your students all about surveys?

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