Who is Bully-Free? You and Me!

Children are never too young to learn about how to lead a bully-free life! I teach my students that we are one BIG family, and that bullies are NOT allowed. We do many different lessons about how to treat others with our school-wide bucket filler program and with my Friendship activities. I recently learned how to create large posters in PowerPoint (woo hoo!) and thought it would be so much fun to create some bully-free posters for my classroom. I just adore Melonheadz Illustrating clip art. IT IS TO DIE FOR! You can pick and choose which posters (and their size) you want to use. They are FREE! I may make a bully-free packet in the future. Would that be something you all would be interested in?

image image image image Click below to download for free at my TPT shop: Or, you can download them below in Google Docs. Just make sure you actually click “Download.” Otherwise, they will look funny.


Does your school do anything to provide a bully-free environment?

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