We Stuffed Our Turkeys!

Today we stuffed our turkeys with many thankful thoughts. We sure do have a lot to be thankful for! Every single one of my students’ “thankful thoughts” made me smile. Kids are so insightful and SO in touch with what REALLY matters in the world. I just love it! I hung these on their personalized clipboards and they look so cute! They make the room so cheery. image

image image

The turkey craft comes right from my Stuffed with Thankful Thoughts activity packet. You can click HERE to purchase it. Another turkey activity we did today was at Work on Writing. I found these cute foam turkey and feather stickers at Michaels for $1.00. Each student chose 1 turkey and a few feathers. Then, they created their own foam sticker story about a turkey in trouble. The turkey you see below was in BIG trouble! He lost ALL of his feathers. Oh dear!


Want to use this writing prompt with your kiddos? Just click HERE or on the picture below to grab it. Enjoy!

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  • Mr. First Grade November 13, 2013, 2:54 am

    Those clipboards are so cool!! Where did you find lime green clipboards in bulk and how did you attach them to the wall? Great idea, and the turkeys look super fun!!

    Mr. First Grade

    • Annes Kim March 5, 2016, 2:51 am

      Love this idea!
      Where can I get the labels for the students name??
      I can’t seem to find it at your tat store!


  • Jennifer Tice November 13, 2013, 3:15 am

    Love the clipboards and the writing prompt page is cute! Thanks girl!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  • bstokes November 14, 2013, 12:11 am

    Do you sell those adorable labels?

  • Kristin November 15, 2013, 2:03 am

    I love the name labels on your clipboards. How did you make these? Thanks

  • susan December 24, 2013, 2:49 pm

    I love the cute name labels. Can I purchase those? Thanks! Merry Christmas!

    [email protected]